Wake on Lan Tool – Windows 10/11

With the Wake on LAN Windows 10/11 tool you can remotely wake up any WOL capable computer. You can also use the WOL tool to wake up devices in other subnets. It is also possible to wake up single or multiple hosts at the same time. Our WOL tool supports reboot and shutdown of multiple devices at the same time.

Wake on LAN Windows 10
WOL: Main Window

The Wake-on-LAN Tool has been optimized for Windows 11. However, it still offers support for Windows 10 and Windows 7.

The WOL tool from DBS AG is available as a free download and, as a freeware program, may be used and redistributed for both private and business purposes.

Our tool features a great, intuitive interface that is easy to use. Moreover, the WOL tool has a strong performance.

Wake up, turn off and reboot multiple devices? This is made easy with our freeware tool. Convince yourself and download our latest version .